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Segomo Tools 12 Piece Garden Tool Set - GTS12

Segomo Tools 12 Piece Garden Tool Set - GTS12

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12 piece garden tool set containing everything you need to take care of your garden. Dig, weed, transplant, prune, aerate and cut with this perfect durable and lightweight set.

Includes a hand rake for turning and smoothing soil, a cultivator for loosening and aerating soil before planting, a pruning shears for cutting and trimming stems and branches, a snipping shears for cutting buds and picking flowers and fruit, a weeder for loosening and digging up weeds and a trowel (which includes a measurement scale) for digging soil.

Also includes a transplanter for transferring vegetables and small plants, gloves (with plastic claws) for planting, weeding and pruning, a kneeling pad for comfortable knee support, a spray bottle for misting flowers and leaves, an apron for carrying tools on the go and keeping clean and a tote bag for storing all of your tools.

High quality and durable hand tools featuring soft anti-slip grip handles for comfort, support and anti-fatigue as well as hanging holes for clutter-free storage. Waterproof kneeling pad provides firm and comfortable support when gardening.

Waterproof PVC coated gardening apron fitted with multiple pockets to keep your gardening tools and supplies close at hand. Heavy duty canvas storage tote bag featuring side pockets for easy access and elastic loops to keep all of the tools in place.

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